Hottrok Explained

Hottrok is a performance-based tiling substrate that serves as a warm wire carrier and has insulating properties. It is a rigid, board-like material that is easy to cut, easy to fasten and readily accepts most heating cables. Hottrok has perfectly placed grooves that allow for any wire layout pattern…

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Benefits of Hottrok

Most Efficient Tile Setting

Insulating Qualities

Less Work, Better Results

Faster Jobs

Installer Preferred

Reduced Jobsite Visits

Installation is a Breeze!

Easy and Reliable

With Hottrok, your warm wire can be installed so quickly, you will be ready to tile immediately. There's no down time and the tiling surface stays flat for your tile.

Thinset and Mount

Hottrok is a board-like material that you thinset and fasten to the subfloor so it won’t move. It’s grid design makes your warm wire layout fast and easy.

Great Results

With the development of Hottrok, electric radiant heating is now a more affordable, practical and cost effective home heating option.