Hottrok Basics


  • Hottrok is is $27.95 per sheet.
  • Ground shipping included with five sheet per order minimum (limited time - US only).


  • Composed of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam.
  • Custom molded into our patent pending design.


  • Hottrok pannels are 24” x 36” and cover six square feet.
  • Each sheet is ½” thick.


  • High quality LFT thinset is required and readily available at your local tile retailer or building supply store.

Product Features

Easy Board-Like Design

Strong, lightweight and easy to handle. It can be installed over most wood and concrete substrates that meet standard load requirements listed in the TCNA handbook.

Pre-Set Grooves

It’s easy to set the wire or change if needed. The grooves hold, support and protect the wire until you cover with mesh (optional) and thinset. Tiling is now a breeze and you may proceed immediately.

Insulating Properties

Hottrok is the only substrate on the market that readily accepts warm wire and has both thermal and acoustic insulating properties. With Light Commercial and Residential Ratings from the TCNA, it's application possibilities are "endless."

More Product Information

Hottrok is composed of a unique mixture of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam and special additives that is custom molded into our patent pending design. This material is a superior product for many reasons: it has excellent chemical resistance to alkalines and acids and is highly resistant to humidity and water exposure. It's characteristics make it a great material for this application. It has great thermal and accoustic insulating qualities and helps eliminate heat loss between the tile and the subfloor.

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