The Story

Tile is one of the oldest, classiest and most resilient flooring materials that man has ever created.

As an experienced tile setter, I take great pride in each and every set. One of the only ways to improve the comfort of this material is through the addition of an insulated, radiant heating system. I always try to integrate heating systems into my tiling projects. This is the best way to create the most ideal environment for our clients.

As the installation of these systems became more common, I realized there was a fundamental need for a better underlayment that readily accepted these heating systems. I found myself entirely unhappy using uncoupling membranes constantly frustrated by their inherent flaws; wire strapping was equally inefficient. Refusing to continuously deal with these problems, I started modifying materials to accommodate heating systems through a more simple, efficient and effective method.

I have continued working on this idea through material research and development, a series of prototypes, multiple sets and finally, testing credentials from an independent laboratory to come up with HOTTROK – a simple, highly efficient and hassle-free installation panel for the professional tile setter.

– Rodger Bennett, Professional Tile Setter

The Team


Co-Founder (Tile Guru)

Rodger has more than a decade of tile setting and custom construction experience. As accomplished tile setter, he has coordinated the build of many elegant bathrooms, walk-in showers and kitchens. He has been involved in projects ranging from 1900’s remodels to modern-day, new construction builds. Rodger is committed to producing stunning, lasting results through proper, efficient and mindful building techniques.


Co-Founder (Chief Tile Officer)

Celeste has over 30 years of business-to-business experience in marketing and project management. She is skilled at business development and has worked in a variety of industries. Her knowledge and commitment have been essential in moving the HOTTROK idea into reality.

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