Hottrok Investment Opportunity

Since inception, the Hottrok project has only continued to gather more and more positive momentum.

In the past three years, we have taken this idea from the mind of a tile setter to being a unique, tangible, globally-marketable product. We have pushed and inched and clawed our way forward, creatively managing minimal resources while burning the midnight oil. We have driven ourselves toward success with three key ingredients: (i) relentless hard work (ii) our pursuit of producing a top quality product and (iii) creating great relationships with the right people.

To date, we now have more than 25 professionals contributing to the success of Hottrok in their own special ways. Amazed, thankful, nervous, excited, energized and eager, we are proud to share with you our portfolio, hoping it will convey our hard work, the quality of our idea . . . and it’s true potential in the market.

Hottrok Slideshow

Some jobsite research that worked really well.
Original Hottrok sketch
First attempt . . .
There had to be some holes. . .
Rodger's business partner taught him the importance of writing things down. . .
First Cad Drawing!
First Hottrok Prototype!!!
First full sized prototype being CNC'd
Our 4th version cut with our custom bit: best prototypes ever! Ready for testing?
Hottrok with thinset and some wire. Success! It stays TOTALLY FLAT!
Rodger's first sample set with full-sized sheets of Hottrok; it was a dream come true!
Hottrok prototypes packaged for shipping to the TCNA testing lab!
Dry set for the Robinison Test. It passed! Hottrok can be used in Light Commercial and Residential applications.
Rodger and Celeste on our first business trip!
We're visiting the manufacturing facility. Hottrok is designed, developed and (will be) made in the USA.
It's the end of a long day and we still have Hottrok on the mind. ;)
Final Hottrok patent application review!
Rodger and Andy (Graphics and Design Specialist) finally meet in person. Rodger decides to work full-time at Hottrok!

Timeline Progression

Rodger & Celeste Talk "Hottrok" as a Business
Concept and Field Testing
First Sketch of Hottrok
Initial CAD Drawing
First Prototype Machined
Sample Set and TCNA Testing
Meet Production Partners in USA
June 2020
Finalize Patent Application
Website Goes Live

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